Course & Venue



1/F: The course takes place in the staircase of the Landmark 72. Runners will complete a short run from the G/F Lobby into the staircase.

38/F: Upon reaching the 38/F, all runners will exit the stairwell, make a short run across the 38/F, pass the water/medical station and re-enter the opposite stairwell that will ascend to the Finish on the 72/F.

Finish (72/F): The race will finish at the top floor of the building on the 72/F observation deck at a height of 350 metres with a 360-degree view of the city. Participants will have to climb a total of 1,914 steps to reach the finish area!



The Landmark 72 is a newly completed building and all stairs, railings, and running surfaces are in good condition.  Standard running shoes should be adequate for this event.  Before reaching the starting line, runners should make certain their shoes are securely tied.  Loose laces can cause one to trip and fall while ascending the building.  It is good practice for runners to double knot shoelaces for safety.  It is also recommended that runners avoid participating with any accessories or loose fitting jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, large earrings etc) that might fall off during the climb.


L72 The Landmark 72 Vertical Run will be held at the Landmark 72, Vietnam’s tallest building. Landmark 72 is located in the new business district of Hanoi. At 72 floors, the tower has a height of 350 metres.

Landmark 72, E6, Pham Hung, Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Map: Google Maps

For more information on the Landmark 72, visit their official website at


DSC_0065s First-aid stations will be present at:

  • 1/F Start area
  • 38/F
  • 72/F Finish area

Though it’s not a treatment centre, the medical staff will assess each situation and assist in obtaining appropriate treatment for the participant. An emergency medical vehicle will also be on site.

If you need medical assistance while on the course or see someone who does, please inform a medical staff, race official or volunteer. Our team will be wearing special t-shirts.

The Race Director reserves the right to remove any participant from the course.



DSC_0117s Hydrating with water or sports drinks is a good idea with any type of exercise. Keep your water intake up in the days leading into the race.

Water stations will be located at:

  • 38/F
  • 72/F Finish area


Before you reach the starting line, make certain your running shoes remain securely tied. Loose laces can cause you to trip and fall. A good practice is to double knot laces for safety. We also recommend not running with accessories like loose necklaces or bracelets that can get tangled or fall off during the climb.