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An agency is only as good as the people behind it. We are as proud of our team as we are of our work.

We are pretty good at what we do, and one of the reasons why is because of our diverse team who are smart and energetic professionals. With individual experiences from different parts of the world, we thrive in the knowledge and expertise of diversity while also united in our passion for creativity and freshness of thinking. Sporting Republic values talent and teamwork over hierarchy.

David Shin
Founder & Director

Our founder David is the driving force behind Sporting Republic’s culture. His passion for what we do is immense and his balance between work and play is inspirational. This is more than can be said for his balance on his road bike.

Dorothy Chan
Senior Event Specialist

Dorothy is the go-to person at Sporting Republic for our clients. A self confessed ‘non-runner that registers for a 10K every weekend’, she makes everyone feel like a champion. This may be because she spends her spare time as a Scout leader.

Tiffany Wan
Creative Manager

Tiffany is responsible for all things design. She has a love for all things sports and you’ll most regularly find her playing ice hockey or practising advanced yoga poses. She is competitive at heart, passionate and is able to turn our quality designs to quick production.

Annie Kim
Content Manager

Annie is the newest addition to our team. She handles our social media content and fields all participant enquiries, making sure people know the when, the where and the how so that they can be best prepared for their event. She’s incredibly bright and bubbly and makes particularly delicious bread for her growing family!

Davy Keung
Senior Event Specialist

An expert at all things operations, Davy ensures everything is organised in time for our events. Alongside his position, he has taken on the mantle of growing our custom wear business, proving his ability to multitask to the max.

Marcel Lennartz
Race Director

Marcel is the maestro behind our Vietnam events. With an incredible work rate and sharp mind, he drives our new events and always pushes us on how we can grow. His ability to run 100km in one go is matched only by his ability to sleep on average 4 hours a night!