Sporting Republic is a Hong Kong-based independent sports management agency. Since 2011, we have helped both established brands and early-stage companies reach their goals through various sports marketing campaigns.

About Us

We are an award-winning event agency, helping brands to connect with those who count most; their customers, their partners and their people.

At Sporting Republic, we believe that good work speaks for itself and that a good consultancy should be selected on performance and success. We aim to bring clients along on our journey, educating them as well as our staff.  Growing together, succeeding together. 

We don’t pretend to be the biggest player in the market. Instead, we prefer distinctive business opportunities and dedicate our services to achieve quality results. We love sport and our industry – it comes across in everything we do!


Sporting Republic in the News
Sporting Republic events have been featured in well-known publications such as: BBC, Mashable, ABC News and the South China Morning Post.